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Arctic Air Cooler Reviews

Arctic Air Cooler Reviews: Buyer’s Guide 2020

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If you are tired of expensive running cost of your air conditioner or hot blowing fan in your home? Worry no more as Arctic Air Ultra Cooler has been invented by Ontel to fill in that gap.

Why Air Cooler?

Yes, Air Cooler offers better air quality to you than fan. And the air circulated from an air cooler is more better and preferred for people that has asthma and dust allergy. Having said this, air cooler has better value for money over air conditioner

We will be talking about Arctic Air Cooler Reviews today even though there are many brands of air cooler on the market. But there is special feature about arctic air cooler ultra.

Arctic Air Cooler Ultra

Arctic Air Cooler Reviews
  • Personal space air cooler
  • Cool, humidifies, and purifies air for maximum comfort.
  • 350watt energy smart cooling power.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • Easy to install. Just plug into a standard outlet or USB port.
  • It is Eco-friendly and freon free

Arctic Air Cooler Reviews

What is Arctic Air Cooler Ultra?

Arctic air cooler also know as Arctic Air Evaporative Air Cooler or Arctic Air Cooler Ultra, is a portable air conditioner that cools the hot and dry air around you. The evaporative air cooler allows you to create your own temperature around your space.

You can always adjust the fan speed to your preferred. Once turned on, the 750ml water tank produces moist air. It is quiet and has three speed fan, adjustable air vents, water tank, and LED light.

Furthermore, this unit is called a personal space cooler. Meaning that it will not cool your entire room or space (it is note made for large space) because it is not air conditioner but will be a good investment for your personal needs to those bedrooms that does not have air conditioner.

It transforms hot spaces into cool refreshing places. Arctic air cooler is ideal and great for dens, dorm rooms, offices, home offices, campers, work-spaces, benches, basements, garages, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. even for convenient for travelers.

How Does Arctic Air Cooler Works

The unit uses the power of hydro-chill technology to pull in warm/hot air from the room through its rear evaporative water filter , and blows out cool air to fill your space with cool, clean, and comfortable air through the front evaporative water filter.

Meaning that a minimal amount of water is formed into a mist, which a fan blows across wet filter elements and in turn gives your space a good chilly breeze when it is blowing on you.

The water in the filter evaporates and cools the air several degrees depending on the weather. If there is a lot of humidity, not much water is going to evaporate, hence not much cooling. But if the air is dry, more water can evaporate and you can get some impressive cooling by your bed side or work spaces.

That’s to say if you live in a dry or desert areas, arctic air cooler is more beneficial to you. Get it here.

With its adjustable multi-directional air vents, you can actually direct the air in the area you needed to it to cool. The three (3) fan speed help you to customized your cooling need with low, medium, and high setting button.

Pressing the the fan speed button once puts the fan speed on low, pressing it twice puts it on medium, and pressing it thrice puts the speed on high setting. Not noisy at all and the soothing night light makes it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep.

How To Use Arctic Air Cooler Ultra

Arctic Air Cooler Reviews

The impressive air cooler does not require any installation before use. All you need to do is to fill the water tank with 750ml chilled bottle water with some ice cubes inside it, cover the tank, plug in the cord to any standard wall outlet or USB port, press the power button, select your preferred fan speed settings, and adjust the multi-directional air vent to point it where you want it. Relax and enjoy your new Arctic air cooler ultra.

I love my own so much that it is always beside me while working with my computer.

“The device works great, especially in the dry air of the desert. The fan is powerful for its small size. The air flow can be felt all the way across a room. With water on the filter it produces a breeze 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the ambient. If you freeze water onto the filter, the air cooling effect is even greater. Very pleased with the device. Better than I expected.”

Review from

“I manage an old small town hardware store so there is no A/C. I bought this for when I’m sitting at my desk and it works great! It does run out of water really fast though. A bottle of water lasts about 3 hours. Definitely worth the money. And a life/sanity saver for me.”

Review from

Then as at the time of writing this review, there are over 2,900 customer reviews on Amazon. With majority of the customers loving their ‘personal space cooler’ – click here to read their reviews.

Arctic Air Cooler Pros And Cons


Very lightweight, portable, and compact for small spaces – is for personal space cooler.
Fan creates strong airflow – 350 watt energy smart cooling power.
Ultra quiet and built-in light adds nice vibe
It cools, humidifies, and purifies the air around you.
It is easy to install. Just plug in any standard outlet or USB port.
It is Eco-friendly and freon free


Requires outlet, no battery for travel use.
Filter dries out rather quickly
Cooling effect is impressive but limited to a personal space not for a large room.

How To Care For Your Arctic Air Cooler

Arctic Air Cooler Reviews

Arctic air cooler ultra is made of plastic and has a drawer that slides out with small catches, and filters slides up and down too. So carry it with every carefulness and not to bump over it or knock it over.

In addition, the internal components are fixed together with screws not with glue, so it is easy to take apart for deep cleaning if needed and fix back easily.

Who Should Use Arctic Air Cooler

The impressive air cooler form Ontel is for you if;

  • You’re living in a desert/ dry climate environment
  • You want to save some dollars from running your Air conditioner
  • You have rooms where A/c does not reach.
  • If you need some air cooler to travel with.
  • You need some cooling at your working space.
  • You need something to keep you cool and comfortable while asleep.


Just remember that arctic air cooler is not designed for large spaces. It’s just a ‘personal’ space cooler for use on a desktop or night stand beside the bed. i like it very well. The airflow is nice even on low setting.

Do not expect this air cooler to cool your entire room, it is a personal space cooler so will keep a small desk or sleeping area comfy.

So to the best out of this cooler, I will advise you follow the manufacturer’s instruction strictly.

Trust the Arctic air cooler reviews gives you the answer you’re looking for.

You can reach us here for you suggestions and questions.

Good luck!

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