Top 5 Best Baitcasting Rods Under 100 Reviews

What excites you the most about your baitcasting trip? If you’re like most people, the mere thought of bringing home a bigger catch would get you excited. Fortunately that’s what the best baitcasting rods under 100 would help you do.

But wait, what ‘s the best unit that you can find within that budget range? Well look no further. Here’s a look at some incredible options worth pondering upon.

After performing our research based on their price, quality, durability, brand reputation, and other related issues and we ranked them with no particular request or influence.

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Best Baitcasting Rods Under 100 Dollar

1. Fiblink Baitcasting Rod – 4 Pieces

Best Baitcasting Rods Under 100

Looking for the best and convenient travel rod for your next bass fishing, Fiblink casting might be your stellar as it’s suitable for air traveling and backpacking.

Fiblink casting rods are really, quality and have a good feel. They are made with quality graphite and eyes and reel seat. The cork handles are excellent quality.

They fit in your suitcase easily for travel to go bass fishing on table rock or casting for ocean critters. Got enough backbone to handle the fish fighting against current, this fish, and rapid with large lures.

The unit is light, responsive and had plenty of power to handle muskie, large smallies, smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, bone fish, snook, etc.

It features the anti-wound top guide ring, which effectively reduces the winding of the wire, ergonomic high-strength reel seat, ultra premium-grade cork material on handle and multi-purpose hook keeper.

Fiblink casting rods are sensitive, stiff and durable so would recommended the 4 piece travel rod to anyone that likes to fish out of state or any other far destination for fishing.

2. Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Rod

best baitcasting rods for bass fishing

Looking for quality and best baitcasting rod and reel combo under 100? Abu Garcia Black Max casting rod and reel combo might be your best bet.

It’s a perfect rod and reel combo for beginners, learning and experienced anglers. It casts a long distance and holds a lot of line on the reel. It delivers exceptional sensitivity, durability and power.

Built with 24-ton graphite rod to offer you lightweight, supple feel and superior responsiveness rod, 4 stainless steel ball bearing and 1 roller bearing for reliable operation and easily retrieval.

As at the time of writing this reviews, Abu Garcia Black Max rod has been bought over 1098 times on Amazon.

Perfect for beginners and experienced anglers. It’s rod and reel combo, meaning you don’t have to pay a separate fee for reel.

3. Goture Portable Baitcasting Rod – 4 Pieces

best baitcasting rods under 100

Goture casting rod caught our attention due its portability size. It’s great air traveling or backpacking. The pouch is hardy and padded for protection.

The case is very nice and all fitting are secured. It got lots of backbone and cast like mad.

The unit is designed with 30-ton carbon matrix to help you balance sensitivity, strength and power of the rod, reel seat and EVA split grip for your all day comfort without you feeling tired wrist or wrist pain.

It’s a 6’6″ medium heavy, fast action, 7 + 1 corrosion resistant guide.

The company offer 1 year warranty to their customers,

So on your next fishing trip, take the bite – detecting sensitivity and fish fighting strength of Goture Rod.

4. Ugly Stick GX2 Casting Rod

best baitcasting rods under 100

Ugly Stick is a brand that has reputation for quality and this rod is definitely a classic one, so go for it if you like lightweight and extremely sensitive rods. It has been bought over 1770 times on Amazon.

The unit features EVA grip for light and comfy hold, an up to date stainless steel guide system. It’s a 6’6″ medium power, fast action, 8-20 lbs line rating, and 1/4-5/8 lure rating with type B handle.

Ugly tuff guides yield maximum durability and reduce the rods overall weight. The clear tip design adds extra strength right where you need it and senses the lightest strikes.

So if you’re on the market searching for a good rod to use with any bait caster, you’re at the right place. Ugly Stick rod is that rod you’ve been waiting for.

5. Falcon HD Casting Rod

best bass casting rods under 100

Falcon HD casting rod is one of the best baitcasting rods under 100 but made of great quality. It has a stable and durable quality, making it suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

it is sensitive, quick responsive and great hook setting power with powerful pull capacity for catching large fish. Very comfortable for beginners and professional anglers because of its lightweight and sensitive power.

you can also use it for catching several fish species without tension of breaking this rod.

Its line rating is 8 to 17 lbs and lure rating is 1/4 to 1/2 ounce. Featuring graphite blank, 100 percent fuji guides, fuji exposed blank reel seat and natural cork handle.


Casting rods are the meat and potatoes of the bass fishing world.

Able to handle heavy line and big lures, this style of rod is most conducive to the heavy cover and power fishing situations you will come across.

Truth be told, 80 percent of bass and other big game fishing are done with casting equipment.

Without it, many of the anglers techniques — flipping, deep cranking, spinnerbaiting, jertbait, topwater slop — just wouldn’t be possible.

Bass fishing calls for the use of heavier line and stout equipment to work lures efficiently and get fish to the boat.

And you should not break bank because you want to get the best baitcasting rods for your next trip, no, there are best baitcasting rods under 100 that have proving themselves worthy for fishing bass and other fish species.

Above are our list best baitcasting rods under 100, getting one of them will be your greatest decision.

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