Top 7 Best Electric Patio Heater Reviews [Recommended]

Winters can force you and your family to stay indoors all the time during colder seasons. And if you’re an outdoor person or family, being forced by the way of climate to stay wrapped up in a blanket might not interest you at all.

Thankfully, we have heaters that have been designed specially to meet your outdoor needs on winter days, to make it possible with a purpose to hang out on your patio with members of your family or spend a few quality alone.

Today we’ll be reviewing the best electric patio heater reviews, meanwhile, we had also reviewed the best heater for outdoor previously.

Electric patio heaters are exceptional because you don’t have to battle with carbon monoxide, fossil fuel, or chemical odors. Below are the best electric patio heater reviews. In our picking, we considered quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Top 7 Best Electric Patio Heater Reviews

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best electric patio heater

Dr. Infrared Heater 1500W carbon infrared heater indoor outdoor patio garage wall or ceiling Mount with remote

best electric patio heater

DONYER POWER 1500W Electrical Patio Heater, Ceiling Mounted, Outdoor or Indoor Use

best electric patio heater

Fire Sense Umbrella Halogen Patio Heater

best electric patio heater

Ener-G+ Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Electric Patio Heater, Black

best electric patio heater

UFO UK-15 Electric Infrared Heater with Remote Control

best electric patio heaterbest electric patio heater

Hiland HIL-1500DI Electric Patio Heater, 1500 Watts w/Variable Heat Control, Tall, Black

best electric patio heaterbest electric patio heater

Simple Deluxe Patio Outdoor Heater for Balcony, Courtyard with Remote Control, Wall-Mounted Style

1. Dr Infrared Heater DR-238 Electric Patio Heater

Best Electric Patio Heater Reviews

Dr. Infrared DR-238 electric patio heater is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Here you’ve got a 1500 watt infrared heater that incorporates a power cord, remote control, wall mount brackets, 120Vand ETL certification so that you can install it anywhere that suits your heating needs. It’s built with durable and weather-resistant aluminum for years of outdoor use.

The unit offers 3 heat output settings; 900w (low heat), 1200w (medium heat), and 1500w (high heat) to meet your requirements. It gives clean, instant, and odorless infrared heat. As an infrared heater, it heats objects directly instead of warming the entire space, meaning that you get quickly warmed up with Dr. Infrared’s electric patio.

With remote control included, you’re sure to operate (turn on, off, and change the settings) from your own comfort. It features 120 volts, an 85-foot heating range, a 6inch long power cord, and CSA certification. The heating element lasts up to 20000 hours. It is energy efficient.

However, the electric patio heater can not be mounted directly on the ceiling or hardwired. It requires an installation and can be mounted 36inch from the ceiling. It produces 5200 BTUs per hour and its size is 11inch x 38inch x 6inch (HxWxD).

electric patio heater reviews

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In all Dr. Infrared electric patio heater pumps out a lot of heat but you may need more than one unit depending on the size of your patio. Ideal for Patios, gazebos, garages, decks. The best bet for strong and localized heating.

2. DONYER POWER Electric Patio Heater

best electric patio heater reviews

This electric patio heater DONNER POWER company is very easy to install and convenient for portability. A 39.4in/1m adjustable chain can be disassembled and adjusted the distance at any time and the most appropriate height for hanging is 70.9in to prevent children and pets from touching it.

Since it’s ceiling-mounted, it could be installed both outdoor and indoor ceilings such as patios, balconies, outdoor terraces, camping BBQ area, living room pergola, outdoor dining. The unit offers 2 heating modes to suit your need for warmness 600w (low heating) and 1500w (high heating).

With the incorporation of two halogen heating pipes, the electric patio heater can increase temperature quickly and resist high temperatures with a long life span for use and environmental protection, and the 360 degrees all-round heating can expand the heating protection. The heating scope extends up to 65 sq. ft.

electric patio heater

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DONYER POWER electric patio heater is CE/GS/LVD/EMC/IP24 CERTIFIED. It uses the normal household 110 to 130 V electrical outlet, 50Hz, and up to 2000w.

3.Fire Sense Umbrella Halogen Electric Patio heater

best electric patio heater

Enjoy your patio in all seasons with this halogen patio heater via Fire Sense.

The electric patio heater runs solely on your normal 110v household electric-powered current. This makes them significantly less costly to run compared to conventional gas and propane heaters.

It produces no harmful emission of toxic residual because it runs on electricity, making it safe and appropriate to be also indoors.

This electric patio heater offers you instantaneous warmness so that you can warm up faster and makes use of a few tenths of the electricity of LPG tanks.

The umbrella halogen patio heater features 3 heating modes with each giving you 500 watts of heat, providing you a total of 1500 watts of energy and heat. This ensures that there is no wasteful heating of the air around you.

In addition, the unit has been constructed with durable and lightweight stainless steel with a stunning black finish that makes it flexible and matches your patio decor. The installation is very easy, can be both outdoor and indoor. it is designed to be easily attached to any standard umbrella center pole.

The unique locking system allows you to lower the 3 heads and closed them alongside the umbrella. To open the electric patio heater, raise the heads individually until they click into a place with the spring-loaded locking pins.

electric heater for patio

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Lastly, it comes with an 8 foot non-retractable electrical cord to get the best of this electric patio heater, it should be run a dedicated circuit for overall maximum performance.

4. Ener-G+ Ceiling Electric Patio Heater

Electric patio heater reviews

The new Ener-G+ water resistance hanging electric patio heater uses clean and odorless infrared technology to provide you and your family the warmth you needed so it is totally safe for family and relatives because it’s safe and environmentally respectful with no carbon monoxide emission.

It uses standard household 110 volts, 60 Hz electrical supply, and since it is an infrared heater it has a very low operating cost, meaning it is energy efficient. You could save more with this patio heater compared to propane heaters.

The heating of this electric patio heater is like standing in the sun because it is an infrared heater, the beams warm you directly not the air around you. It is IPXA rated, meaning you can safely use it outdoors in all weather conditions because it is water protected.

The unit offers you instant heat and quick heat recovery. no need to turn on the heater in advance because heat is delivered instantly. It provides 2 setting modes 750 watts and 1500 watts of immediate radiant heat to warm everyone around. heat s up to 10 to 15 square feet.

It is easy to install. With the chain and hook provided. Just hang it up and turn it on. Its stylish modern look made it very decorative and blends beautifully into your environment. The patio heater has a powdered coated brown finish for durability.

best electric heater for patio

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Just minimal maintenance is needed. Features 5000 hours long life expectancy carbon filament lamp and is lightweight for easy carriage. Ideal for patios, gazebos. balconies, workshops, garages, barns, etc.

5. UFO UK-15 Electric Patio Heater

Best outdoor electric patio heater

The UFO infrared patio heater will provide more efficient and economical heating due to the fact that it will begin heating the objects or people within seconds instead of heating the entire space before you warmth.

The model offers a remote control that allows you to control the heater’s power settings and program various timer operations. It features a top-quality aluminum housing which guarantees that you’ll use it for a longer period of time.

Aside from that, the electric patio heater comes with adjustable brackets, an 8-foot cord to ensure you can actually hand it in your preferred location within your patio.

It is safe and produces odorless heat. Eco-friendly does not consume oxygen not dry the air like gas your propane heaters. Since it does not heat the air but objects. With the step-by-step installation guide provided, the installation is just a breeze.

The heating element covers up 161 sq. ft indoor, 108 sq. ft outdoor, and a filament life of over 2000 hours. One more thing is that it has a low-cost operational cost. 1500 wattage.

best electric patio heater

Ideal for patios, garages, entranceway, bathroom, living room, kids room, restaurants, cafe, bar, workshop, warehouse, etc. The stand is sold separately.

6.Hiland HIL-1500DI Electric Patio Heater

Outdoor electric patio heater

Hiland electric patio heater features an anti-tilt switch for added safety and is weather resistance. Instead of using a propane or oil-fired patio heater to warm up your patio, this patio heater uses regular household electricity. it can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

This is the perfect way to easily bring the heat where ever you go. This unit is ETL certified.

AZ electric patio heater features 3 heat settings; 500w, 1000w, and 15000w, freestanding electric heater, safety bars included, IP55 rated, variable control using a pull string, and automatic overheat protection.

best electric patio heater

Ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It uses 120 volts. Comes to withstand. However, this patio heater requires assembly before you could use it.

7. Simple Deluxe Electric Patio Heater

Best Electric Patio Heater Reviews

This electric patio heater will bring you a warm and comfortable experience, which will effectively improve your quality of life. It is a wall-mounted heater, can provide up to 1500 wattage of power, bringing warmth and enjoyment to winter days.

With the infrared technology, this unit will heat up in 3 seconds and not waste energy heating the entire space it warms you directly.

It is fully weather-resistant and waterproof, suitable to be installed on patios, balconies, courtyard, garage, the restaurant even indoors like living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

With the additional remote control, you could adjust the mode, heat, and handy timer functions automatically switch the unit off after two hours.

best electric patio heater

It also features overheat protection. As soon as the temperature gets high, it stop working automatically to ensure safety.

Benefits Of Using Electric Patio Heater

  1. Electric patio heater are energy efficient and use substantially less energy than conventional gas and propane heaters, hence the low operational cost.
  2. They’re environmental and Eco-friendly as they operate with any toxic by product combustion or carbon monoxide emissions.
  3. They operates completely silent while adding aesthetics of your outdoor patio, do not have fans and motors.
  4. They’re safe for the whole family including your pets.
  5. They required no heavy tanks to replace, refill or transport.
  6. They plug into household standard 110/120 volts electrical outlet.
  7. Electric heaters offers instant and quick heat recovery. No need to turn on the heater in advance because heat is delivered instantly.
  8. They required no minimal maintenance and in most cases no assembly is requires also, just plug in and enjoy.
  9. They are healthy heat source – safe, odorless heat, they do dry out the air or consume oxygen.
  10. They do not burn fossil fuels, do not have flame, and do not output toxic chemicals that may annoy you.


All the best electric patio heater listed above are very quality and performs very well. So if you decided to add any one of them to your patio, you would have made the best decision for yourself.

However, Dr. Infrared Electric Patio Heater is sincerely the one who stands proud of the rest. It offers portability, far-off operation, efficiency, and extremely good durability and practicality. Mount it anywhere on the wall or ceilings and take it everywhere you need. This electric heater genuinely gives it all!

No matter which patio heater you choose, ensure you choose one which could easily and efficiently warm up the outdoor area you have in mind with a purpose to experience the best electric heater for the patio.

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