Best Glasses For Gin and Tonic (With Comparison Chart)

Gin and tonic is a cocktail made with gin and tonic water poured over a large amount of ice, garnish with a wedge of lime or lemon. It can be used to cool off after a hectic day.

For you to make a proper gin and tonic of the day, you need five (5) things in place, which are glassware, gin, tonic water, ice, and garnishes. The mentioned elements help you to make perfect and best gin and tonic cocktail.

Today we will be discussing the best glass for gin and tonic. No matter how quality your gin and tonic drink is, the glass in which you serve the cocktail matters because the shape of the glass you use will determine your gin and tonic taste and experience.

Best Glasses for gin and tonic

In the U.S. and UK, gin and tonic are served in a traditional highball glass or Collins glass. However, in Spain, there’s a trend for large goblet style glasses because using highball glasses for your favorite G & T can limit the aromatics of the cocktail and leave your hands warming up the drink.

Furthermore, the best glasses for gin and tonic are the large goblet style glasses (bulbous glasses) because the bulbous nature of the glass brings all of the aromas from the drink whizzing up your nose. It’s very delightful.

I know very well that after this balloon glasses, you will never want to associate with highball glasses when building your gin and tonic.

Our favorite Gin and Tonic Glasses

best glasses for gin and tonicDurobor Alternato Set of 2 Gin GlassBest gin glasses for everyday use. Very rugged glasses.Check Price Here
Maison-White-Gin-Glass-Gift-Set-2-Gin-GlassesMaison & White, Gin Glass Gift Set of 2Best gin glasses for bartenders and gift ideas.Check Price Here
Anton-Studios-Manhattan-Set-of-2-Balloon-Bowl-Shaped-Gin-Goblets-GlassesAnto Studio Manhattan Set of 2 Gin Goblet GlassesThese gin glasses are beast. Best gin glasses for big gin drinker and gin lovers.Check Price Here
Viski-9418-Raye-Cocktail-Glasses-Gin-Tonic-Cups-Clear-Set-of-2Viski Raye Cocktail Glasses Gin & Tonic Cups, Clear Sets of 2Best lead-free crystal gin glasses.Check Price Here
VonShef Gin Glasses Gift Set - 2 G&T GlassesVonShef Gin Glasses Gift Set of 2Best gin glasses gift idea for him or her.Check Price Here

Top 5 Best Glasses For Gin and Tonic

  1. Durobor Alternato Set of 2 Gin Glass

  2. Maison & White, Gin Glass Gift Set of 2

  3. Anto Studio Manhattan Set of 2 Gin Goblet Glasses

  4. Viski Raye Cocktail Glasses Gin & Tonic Cups, Clear Sets of 2

  5. VonShef Gin Glasses Gift Set of 2

From balloon glasses to Highball glasses to rock glasses, these are all manner of glasses in which gin and tonic are served depending on individual tastes and activities. But there is new and trending glass in town now, which is the very best glass for gin and tonic.

The best trending gin glasses in the market now are balloon glasses. These glasses are made specifically for cocktails like gin and tonic, to heighten the aromas and enhance the flavor of your favorite gin and tonic.

The big, faceted bowl concentrates aromas to the wide mouth opening, bringing those delicate notes of your preferred gin to the front. Balloon gin glasses can handle plenty of scoop of ice, and with a short stem or long stem, your hands won’t warm the glass as you enjoy or experience your G & T cocktail.

Below are listed the best glass for gin and tonic you can see in the market, they are well made for modern-day drinking and all the customers that bought them are very happy with their purchase.

In our picks, we protected quality, aesthetics, potentials, weight, fee, and availability to help you slim down the nice alternatives available for you. So let’s get commenced right away!

1. Durobor Alternato Set of 2 Gin Glass

best glasses for gin and tonic


Durobor Alternato set of 2 Gin glass is perfect, classy and fun glassware for everyday gin lovers. This unit is very sturdy and durable for everyday use with 250ml capacity. The bowl is designed to enhance the aromatic botanicals of gin. It has a solid base a bubble, so nothing like tipping over.

The unit is distinctive stable and easy to hold perfect for bars, barbecues, and parties. Classic balloon shape glasses are the ultimate on-trend cocktail vessel with plenty of room for ice, fruits, and botanicals.

They’re dishwasher safe, shock resistance and stackable, therefore, it could be used wherever saving space is premium. Hear one of the happy customers below;

Don Olsen says  “I love love love these glasses. I bought some for me and my friends for him and tonics. My friends love them too. Adds a little class to the cocktail. And my hand doesn’t get cold holding it.”

Get it now on Amazon

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2. Maison & White, Gin Glass Gift Set of 2

Gin and tonic glasses

Whether you’re a gin connoisseur or just a casual drinker, this Maison & White Gin Glass Set is sure to provide a great tasting experience with these deep pour glasses. The ‘Copa de Balon’ style of glass allows for plenty of ice or lime to be added to your drink trapping the delicious aromas of the gin.

With the unit, you don’t have to go to bars rather become your own boss bartender included in the box are set of professional standard bartending equipment to give a premium drinking experience that you don’t have to leave your home for.

What is included in the box are 2 balloon gin glasses with 23.67fl oz capacity, 1 silver cocktail spoon, 1 ice tong, and double-sided short jiggers barware gift box set? And for purchasing this unit, you have a manufacturer 2-year warranty. Hear one of the happy customers below;

Remlor says “Bought these as a Christmas gift. Lovely presentation box. Great accessories with it too. Got great feedback from who they were bought for they love them. We’re really pleased.”

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3. Anto Studio Manhattan Set of 2 Gin Goblet Glasses

Glass for gin and tonic

Thanks to its size, plenty of room for ice and garnishes, and as well as gin and tonic water. Hence, the stem enables you to hold your drink without warming up the bowl.

This unit is not flimsy but a glass of substance that makes drinking a G & T truly special. It is classic, sleek and stylishly designed to suit modern drinkers with 24fl oz.

The set of 2 goblet glasses are beast in nature, 24oz is not child’s play. If you like your gin and tonic to be served small at a time, stay away from this glass is not for you.

It is for gin and tonic big drinker, the gin connoisseurs. If you like mouth-blown and handcrafted glasses, you have found one here. Hear one of the happy customers below;

Susan O’Brien says “The best glasses I have ever bought, gin and tonic tastes great out of these, good size lots of room for loads of ice and fruit of your choice. Going to buy more! Also fast delivery and well packed. Really comfortable to hold, they are heavy but side steady in your hand for men and women. Don’t hesitate to buy these you won’t regret it.”

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4. Viski Raye Cocktail Glasses Gin & Tonic Cups, Clear Sets of 2

best glasses for gin and tonic

Are you a modern gin and tonic lover? Yes, craft your perfect gin and tonic with these cocktail specific glasses. It is a top-notch modern gin goblet glasses for gin lovers.

The wide mouth enhances the natural aroma of the gin and improves your overall experience, hence the bathroom glass allows for plenty of ice.

A lead-free crystal glass that displays garnishes with clarity, reflecting gin’s botanicals. However, the gin and tonic goblet is thin and fragile. Therefore may not be good for everyday use and throwing into a dishwasher.

Whether you’re supplying a busy craft cocktail establishment or looking to impress your guests at home, Viski G & T glass set of 2 provides everything required to build gin and tonic at the highest level. Hear one of the happy customers below;

Adarah says “ I never knew there was a gin and tonic glass and now that I do know I drink a lot more gin and tonics. This glass is a delicate crystal. I have hand washed because I don’t trust my dishwasher do not break them. I love that they have a stem. I fit about 4oz gin and 4oz tonic plus ice.”

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5. VonShef Gin Glasses Gift Set of 2

Glasses for gin

Looking for a perfect gin gift glass set for a gift to someone dear to you who is a gin lover? Look no further Vonshef gin glass set of 2 is you.

Surprise your loved one or treat yourself with these set of 2 beautiful and specialist gin gift set, which includes 2 balloon gin glasses with 685ml capacity, a rose gold twisted mixer spoon and a rose gold double-ended jigger.

This unit is ideal for sophisticated party hosts and great ideas. They’re dishwasher safe and come with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty. Hear one of the happy customers below;

Claire Parr “Lovely glasses. Everyone love them. Clean in dishwasher.”

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Other Glasses For Gin and tonic

Aside from the newly trending balloon gin glasses, there are two other types of glassware sets you can equally enjoy your favorite Gin and Tonic cocktail in. The glasses are:

  • Highball Glasses
  • Rock

Highball Glasses For Gin and tonic

A highball gin glass is made to be tall and straight but with a restricted surface for serving drinks with ice and mixer. They are perfect all-rounder for long gin drinks, making them a practical and versatile choice of glassware for a wide range of gin cocktails including gin and tonic.

However, you may not enjoy your gin and tonic in it as you will with balloon glass because they are not designed specifically for gin and tonic. Highball glasses can be used to enjoy G & T, Gin fizz, Tom Collins and Red Snapper cocktails.

One thing I still like about highball glasses for a drink is that they keep drinking cool and carbonated. Below are some of the highball glasses you may like to serve your preferred gin and tonic in:

Rock Glasses for Gin and tonic

Rock glasses also called lowball glasses are old fashioned glasses or tumblers designed to have an intensive mouth and thick base, making them best for muddling cocktail ingredients right away in the serving glass.

They’re ideal for short and strong liquids, Gin Sour, Bramble and Negroni cocktails. Below are some of the rock glasses you may like to serve your preferred gin and tonic in:

How To Make A Perfect Gin and Tonic?

 Always know that the key to making perfect G & T lies in the quality and measurement of your ingredients, which include Gin, Tonic water, Ice and Garnish(s).

Though everyone has their preferred gin and tonic water brand to suit their own taste, there is still the standard way of mixing G & T and that is what I will be teaching you. From the standard mixing, you can coin out your own standard and taste.

Gin and Tonic Ingredients

  • 3oz gin
  • 5oz tonic water
  • 2 limes/lemon wedges
  • Ice
  • Glassware

Method of Preparation

  1. Inside your chilled glass, add large ice cubes. Large ice cubes work best as they provide less surface area for the ice to melt.
  2. Pour the 3oz gin over the ice and squeeze in one part of lime or lemon into it.
  3. Fill the glass with 5oz tonic water and stir a little. Don’t shake rather stir.
  4. Finally, garnish with a second lime wedge. Enjoy!

Tips For Perfect Gin and Tonic

  1. Chill your glass in the freezer 20 minutes prior to mixing and serving your favorite gin and tonic cocktail. Or store your gin and tonic water in the fridge or freezer as gin does not get frozen in the freezer.
  2. Always use only fresh lime.
  3. Only use good unflavored freshly opened tonic like Fentimans, Q-tonic, and Fever-Tree tonic as they have been made specifically for mixed cocktails like the gin and tonic. Don’t buy big bottles of tonic water. Single-dose bottles are better.
  4.  To get the best taste and experience of gin & tonic, you need to use only quality and classic gins like Bombay Dry, Beefeater, Plymouth, Martin Millers, Monkey 47, The Botanist, etc they are more herbal and astringent, with lots of junipers. Or you can also use newer style gins like Hendricks, Bombay sapphire or quintessential, they are softer a little sweeter and have a more notable bitter orange taste to them. Just choose your gin according to your preferred flavor.
  5. To avoid air bubbles and little shards of ice clouding the clarity of the drink. Don’t shake rather stir.
  6. Finally, if you’re new to gin and tonic, you can start with a 1:3 ratio (i.e. 1 part gin & 3 parts tonic) or 2:5 ratio (2 parts gin, 5 parts tonic). And scale up your ingredient measurement as you graduate into gin connoisseur.

Does It Make Sense To Use Expensive Gin For Making G & T?

The simple answer is YES because this is what you’re taking into your system. The better the ingredients, the better the drink and taste will be.

However, be careful of tonic and garnish you add to gin and tonic cocktail when using expensive gins because it can make or break the drink. Only use quality tonic water. Avoid using Schweppes because and learn what the garnish for your gin is, some gin works better with some special garnish.

For example, the botanist gin works better with rosemary sprig, Hendrick’s gin works better with cucumber, Brockmans gin works better with pink grapefruit, etc.

What is The Best Tonic to Use In a Gin and tonic?

Not all tonics water out there makes a great G & T, some can even ruin the drink. Secondly, it also depends on the type of gin you’re using for your cocktail. For example, you get the best of the botanist gin with Fentiman’s tonic water.

It is not like other gins cannot work but some tonic water works best and that’s the reason behind a quality gin and tonic.

However, I recommend using these four tonics water if you actually want a quality taste and experience of your gin and tonic. They include:

What Makes A Good Gin?

What makes a good gin is a well-distilled base and a recipe that gives you the flavor you like. If the base is good, then so long as you like the flavor, the gin is good. It’s like just a matter of taste.

A good gin has between four to forty-seven botanicals depending on the recipes. E.g. Tranqueray no 10 has ten botanicals, whilst Monkey 47 has 47 botanicals.

No matter the number of botanicals in a gin, there are consistency ingredients you will always find in all. They include Juniper, Orange peel, Lemon peels, Coriander, Angelica root, Orris. Below are some of our recommended gin for making quality and perfect gin and tonic:

Other Garnish For Quality Gin and Tonic Aside Lime/Lemon

According to good house keeping, there are many other garnishes you could try on your gin and tonic. They include:

  • Orange peel
  • Star Anise
  • Thyme
  • Elderflower
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Rosemary Sprig
  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Black peppercorn
  • Strawberry
  • Basil
  • Chilies and lime

How To Care For Gin and Tonic Glass?

  1. Before using any glassware set, read manufacturers instructions first. Adhere strictly to the instruction given as to using the glass for longer-lasting.
  2. Most balloon gin glasses are thin, delicate and fragile, always hand washes them after use except specifically written dishwasher safe by the manufacturers to avoid breakage and shattering.
  3. After washing the glasses dry them with a soft towel and store them by facing them down to avoid them trapping dust.


Whether you’re going for a crazy evening or just want a nice glass of gin and tonic to start a relaxing evening, you can make the most out of your drink with the listed balloon gin glasses above. They enhance and elevate the aromas and your gin tasting experience.

The article best glasses for gin and tonic serve as a guide to choosing your best glasses for gin and tonic. So if you consider buying any of the highlighted products above, you would have made a wise decision. Enjoy your new Gin glasses!

For questions, suggestions, testimonies, and opinions, kindly write or contact us here. And we will be glad to answer you.

Good Luck!

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