Top 5 Best Jerkbait Rod reviews In 2021

So you’ve decided to move away from powerbaits, salmon eggs, and worms to try your hand at Jerkbait fishing.

Running a jertbait rig means that you’re looking to use a fish decoy to catch other fishes.

The difference with jerkbait fishing is that instead of using the reel to make your lure dance, you are using the rod in quick ‘jerking’ motions to mimic the quick and erratic movements of a minnow or other small fish.

To get the job done, you need the best jerkbait rod and not just any old rod will do.

So if you fish for bass, it’s worth owning a selections of jerkbait rods and reels. These versatile lures catch fishes from spring to ice-up and in a range of bass habitats.

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Best Jerkbait Rod Reviews

1. Kastking Speed Demon Pro Jerkbait Rod

best jerkbait rod

Kastking is one of the trusted brands on the market today when it comes to fishing gears. They have taken the art of rod building to a new level using new technology and years of experienced in creating rods with techniques specific actions and length.

Most of their fishing rods have proven themselves to be among the best fishing rods . And Kastking Demon pro is no different.

Built out of high quality carbon blank and nano tube resins, which makes the rod strong, light and sensitive; fuji reel guides and seats provide secure comfort and quick retrieval, and WNN grips ensure a comfortable and efficient hold on the rod.

It is very light yet strong in it usage with 15 techniques, which made it versatile rod. It was finished with performance in mind.

Looking for a jerkbait rod you can use for all year round , you can;t go wrong with Kastking Demon Pro. Great for all kind of anglers.

2. St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod, Jerkbait Rod

Best Jerkbait Rod

If you’re serious about getting a standard Jerkbait fishing rod which doesn’t compromise on any aspect of its quality then, St. Croix Mojo Bass Rod might be your stellar choice.

Featuring premium quality assurance via a unique 5-year warranty for the rods, strength and endurance that comes along with SCIII graphite makes St Croix mojo bass rod great for daily use.

St.Croix mojo bass rod is beginner anglers friendly as well as experienced anglers.

They are lightweight and very responsive, sensitive and plenty backbone.

Definitely, if you’re looking for fishing rod that could fish jerkbaits and topwater, St. Croix Mojo bass is your best bet.

Lews TP168MLF JerkBait Rod

best jerkbait rod for bass

If you’re aiming for good casting distance and your focus is on catching a bass, then, this might be a great rod for you.

The design and construction of this rod made it ideally suitable as a Jerkbait rod for catching bass.

The unit features premium IM8 graphite blanks that made the rod strong, lightweight and sensitivity, WINN grips for ultimate rod control and touch in all kinds of weather, and tackles microwave guide system for line flow efficiency to eliminate wind knots, improve casting accuracy and increase casting distance.

A 6’8″ medium power, fast action, 6-12 lbs line rating and 1/8-1/2 oz lure rating.

Cadence CR5 – 661s Jerkbait Rod

best jerkbait rod under 100

CR5-661S Jerkbait Rod provides a great value for money deal and should definitely suit you if you’re looking for quality rod at a lower price.

The unit is flexible, sturdy and built to stand the test of time. great for all kinds of fishes such as trout, bass or walleye.

Featuring stainless steel guide with SIC inserts, which avoids line sticking in the guides and minimizes friction while enhancing sensitive, 30 ton carbon, which makes it strongest and lighter than other rods, fuji reel seat makes it firm, comfortable handhold you need to overcome hard fighting fish.

A 6’6″ medium power, fast action, with full grip handle type, 7 + tip guides, 10-17 lbs line rating, 3/8-1 oz lure rating.

The unit is travel friendly. fit to to car, trunk, boat hatch. Enjoy fishing whenever and wherever you want with cadence CR5 Jerbait rod.

5. Ugly Stick GX2 Casting Rod, Jerbait Rod

best jerkbait rods

Ugly Stick is a brand that has reputation for quality and this rod is definitely a classic one, so go for it if you like lightweight and extremely sensitive rods. It has been bought over 1770 times on Amazon.

The unit features EVA grip for light and comfy hold, an up to date stainless steel guide system. It’s a 6’6″ medium power, fast action, 8-20 lbs line rating, and 1/4-5/8 lure rating with type B handle.

Ugly tuff guides yield maximum durability and reduce the rods overall weight. The clear tip design adds extra strength right where you need it and senses the lightest strikes.

So if you’re on the market searching for a good rod to use with any bait caster, you’re at the right place. Ugly Stick rod is that rod you’ve been waiting for.

What Is Jerkbait?

Jerkbaits are artificial lures which look like crankbaits but are fished differently. A jerkbait is designed to be fished slowly.

You pull it, take up the slack, and let it sit. Then give it a twitch or two. Sometimes you might let it sit for 30 seconds.

The strikes are usually hard and fast so you need the best jerkbait rod, reel and line to fish it. Jerkbaits come in three types: rising, falling and suspending.

Rising jerks usually have a lip and causes them to dive when you pull them. Then they slowly rise to the surface. Falling baits do the opposite. Suspending stay pretty much where you leave them.

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