Top 5 Best Kerosene Heater for Indoor Use

Kerosene heaters are fantastic heaters and are very efficient to use. They are great for emergencies and cottage.

You don’t have to get frozen in the colder months because of a power outage or no electricity in the area where you lived.

The kerosene heater will keep you going until the power is back. So has used kerosene heater for ten years and are still using it and yet nothing had happened to it. It is still cool to use them.

Kerosene heaters are self-contained and operate without the need for electrical power or Chimney.

Combined with portability and ease of use this makes Kerosene heaters an excellent solution to your emergency heating needs.

Therefore we have reviewed in this article the best kerosene heater for indoor use. Though they can equally be used outdoor.

Best Kerosene Heater For Indoor Use

1. Sengoku KeroHeat Indoor Kerosene Heater

Best Kerosene Heater For Indoor Use

When it comes to alternative power heating, Sengoku has become one of the global leading manufacture of alternative heating products.

Bear as mind that as energy cost ski rockets and temperature plunge, Sengoku kerosene heaters provide an economical alternative way to zone heat your home or other indoor spaces.

The KeroHeat comes with siphon pump, fuel gauge, and four c batteries. It is estimated to cover up to 380 square feet and projects 10,000 BTUs of heat. The fantastic kerosene heater features:

  • EZ flames adjuster and safety protected guard
  • Automatic shut-off/tip-off switch
  • 12 hours heating per fill (i.e. 1.2 gallon fuel tank capacity).
  • Automatic ignition
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The unit is rugged and strong, a customer on Amazon has testify to have use this KeroHeat heater for two years now and is still going strong.

It put out heat quick and very well, the wick is very easy to change, it burns clean and neat except when lighting it and extinguishing it, it is UL approved.

This is best kerosene heater for indoor use you ever be pleased with it – it cleaner and have trouble free operation. It comes with two years limited warranty.

As at the time of writing this article, there are over 496 reviews on Amazon, with majority of the customers saying positively – click here to read them.

2. Dura Heat DH2304S Indoor Kerosene Heater

Best Kerosene Heater For Indoor Use

Quality materials and rugged construction is what makes Dura Heat DH2304S indoor kerosene a popular choice for every home. The unit projects about 23,000 BTUs of heat in a 360 degree radius to heat a large area.

Dura Heat DH2304S indoor kerosene heater features a consumer friendly design, which allows automatic wick raising without first resetting the emergency shut off. Other features you many like includes:

  • No-lift heat chamber that minimizes start up odors.
  • Push to start ignition
  • Easy lift carrying handles.
  • Protective grills surrounds hot surface areas.
  • Accidental tip-over shut off.
  • Operates 8-12 hours per tank of fuel (i.e. 1.9 gallon fuel tank capacity)
  • Rugged steel frame and all major internal components are machine stamped and quality checked to reduce problems. Heavy gauge metal cabinet is finished with an attractive 2-tone porcelain finish to insure lasting protection.
  • 920 square feet heating area.
  • Ideal for indoor use.

You will like this Dura Heat DH2304S Indoor kerosene heater because it is easy to assemble together and ignite, it burns neat and clean though with a little odor at the time lighting and extinguishing, it puts out a lot of heat, it comes with a siphon to make your kerosene refill easier, it helps you to save a lot of money from using electricity, and it raises your room temperature quickly.

As at the time of writing this article, there are over 359 reviews on Amazon, with majority of the customers saying positively – click here to read them.

3. Sengoku HeatMate Portable Indoor Kerosene Heater

best kerosene heater for Outdoor use

Create a nice and comfortable leaving environment for you and your family when it most need.

Sengoku OR – 77 Omni Radant kerosene heater is all you need for this winter and all winter seasons. It comes with every components attached except the big crown guard on top, the handle, and the braces for the bottom, which in all easily to fix.

The unit also comes with siphon pump, fuel gauge, and four D batteries. It ignites quickly and this made the heater pretty good option for emergencies featuring:

  • 380 square feet heating area
  • projects 10,000 BTUs heat
  • Ideal for both supplemental heating and emergency situation.
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ez flame adjust, tip over switch, and protective safety grills
  • Automatic easy shut-off
  • Easy push button ignition
  • 1.2 gallon fuel tank capacity
  • 12 to 14 hours of heating

One other thing I like about this kerosene heater is that its new burner design protects it from the wind and ensure proper performance.

As at the time of writing this article, there are over 493 reviews on Amazon, with majority of the customers saying positively – click here to read them.

4. Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD Kerosene Forced Heater

Best Kerosene Heater For garage

Dyna-Glo deluxe kerosene heater provides immediate relief from cold weather working conditions. Ideal for garages, sheds, shops, industrial and commercial environment. It is recommended to be used indoor though it’s can be used outdoor too.

The unit is a multi-fuel forced air heaters, and as a multi-fuel heater, it requires little or no assemble and are 98% fuel efficient-operates on 1k kerosene, Diesel #1, Diesel #2, Fuel oil #1, Fuel oil #2, Jet A and JP – 8.

However, K1 kerosene is the manufacturer’s recommended fuel for optimal, cleaner burns and long lasting product life. It features:

  • 80000 BTUs, heats up to 1,900 sq. ft
  • Comfort control thermostat allows more control and conserves fuel
  • Built-in air pressure gauge.
  • Exclusive run time gauge
  • dual source power cord provides power to additional tools/equipment
  • Easy lift carrying handle and corp wrap
  • Flame kit sensor
  • Sturdy and rugged construction
  • Temperature limit control
  • Fuel capacity 5 gallons
  • Heating hours: 9

Dyna-Glo kerosene forced air heater burns very smooth and quiet, and puts out a great heat.

As at the time of writing this article, there are over 493 reviews on Amazon, with majority of the customers saying positively – click here to read them.

5. Mr. Heater F270270 Contractor Forced Air Kerosene Heater

best kerosene heater for indoor use

The unit is equipped with a high limit safety switch and a photo CAD cell to shut the unit off in unsafe condition. You use Mr. Heater F270270 forced air kerosene heater with no worries and focus on the task at hand.

It has all versatility and safety features the job site or shop requires with features like:

  • 75000 BTUs per hour
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • For use with kerosene 1 and 2, diesel 1 and 2, home heating oil and JP – 8
  • Heat up to 1875 square feet
  • Operate approximately 11 hours on full tank
  • Overheat safety shutdown, fuel gauge, continuous ignition.
  • Heavy construction, enclosed motor, and thermostat for control

As at the time of writing this article, there are over 87 reviews on Amazon, with majority of the customers saying positively – click here to read them.

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How To Use A Kerosene Heater

  1. Make sure you read all manufacturers instructions to get yourself acquainted with the knowledge of the kerosene heater.
  2. Turn the knob to the end
  3. Press your igniter, once the light is up, turn the wick to ensure it sit properly. Then close the door.
  4. In the first 10mins, you need to keep watch as the flame goes up because it gonna go up high and high, and you would not allow it burn too high nor too low. If it burn too low it will produce lots of black soothe and if it burn too high it will create carbon monoxide.
  5. Keep carbon monoxide protector in your home just in case. As the flame gets high, keep adjusting the knob to adjust the height of the wick. It is recommended for the flame to be ½ in inch flame above the top of the burner.
  6. Once it is stable, you can then allow it to burn and heat up the whole house.

Pros And Cons Of Kerosene Heater For Indoor Use


  1. Heat out is up to 23,000 BTUs
  2. In some kerosene heater, the heat comes from the top so can actually cook or boil water on the top of your kerosene heater.
  3. It can be use in garages, indoors.
  4. They are ideals for camping or in a house when you run out of power.


  1. You can’t adjust the temperature but you turn it down or top to get the most efficient of the heat.
  2. When turn off they do produce gas odor at the beginning but hot too badly but once they start burning they burn smoothly and cleanly.

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