Can You Use Patio Heaters Indoors?

This is a great question. I’ve been wondering about the same thing myself for quite some time, so I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at the question and answer it here on my blog. A patio heater is a great option if you live in an area where it can get cold and you are looking for a way to heat up your outdoor space.

Patio heaters are only suitable for use outside, under a covered porch or patio, or on a screened porch. They are not designed to be used inside the house, or in a sunroom or conservatory.

As long as the area is enclosed and your patio heater has a guard around it, you can use your patio heater indoors. Most high-quality patio heaters come with an adjustable height so you can easily extend them if needed to keep yourself warm on those chilly nights inside. As always, read the instructions on the product before using it indoors.

Using patio heaters indoors is something that can be very beneficial. If you want to know more about patio heaters and the things that you can do with them, then continue reading this article.

What Are The Risks Of Using Patio Heaters Indoors?

Using your patio heater indoors may be risky if you do not use it right. The most common mistake people make is leaving the patio heater on all night long. Patio heaters are designed to be safe, but they can still overheat or even catch fire if used wrong. Here are the main risks of using a patio heater indoors:

  • Fire or electrocution. Do not use any extension cord with your patio heater, make sure the one you are using is long enough to reach where ever your patio heater is plugged in. Do not allow any flammable materials near the heaters and make sure there are no children around. If you need to leave your patio heater on, make sure you turn it off at night and unplug it before leaving.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning. If your patio heater is not vented outside, keep the doors and windows shut when using it indoors to avoid breathing in carbon monoxide.
  • Burns if the heaters tip over. If you have small children around, make sure the patio heater is on a stable surface and that it will not fall over. If your patio heater uses a glass bulb, do not place any objects or materials close to it.

Do not use your patio heater indoors if you don’t know how to do it safely. If you follow the instructions and safety tips above, you should be fine using your patio heater indoors.

If you are curious about which type of patio heaters are best for indoor use, check out our articles on electric or propane patio heaters.

How Does A Patio Heater Work?

A patio heater is a machine that produces heat, usually by burning propane or natural gas. The heat produced by the patio heater is used to heat up the surrounding air and make it feel warmer. The heated air rises and escapes through small openings in the top of the heating unit cabinet, leaving you feeling nice and warm.

Patio heaters usually have one or two burners, which are where the propane fuel is burned to produce heat. Most patio heaters consist of three main parts:

  • The cabinet that houses the burners
  • A gas control mechanism that regulates the amount of gas supplied to the burner depending on how much you want it to heat.
  • A spark or electronic ignition system (thermocouple) that will light the gas for you.

Some patio heaters have side shelves to hold your plates or drinks while you are sitting outside. Other more decorative models may not be practical, but they sure look nice! Patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes so make sure you choose right according to your need.

Using Electric Patio Heaters Indoors

For using your patio heater indoors you have to follow a stringent safety procedure. For this, a good quality patio heater is a must because it has to be safe and durable as well. While going for choosing the correct patio heater you have to check out if it has any kind of leakage or not, as electric leakages can cause serious accidents.

It can be said that electric patio heaters are safe to use, but you have to be very much careful. Make sure there is no inflammable item kept near the place where your heater is put up; make sure your children do not come too close or go near it. The most important thing you should take care of while using an electric heater is that it should be kept as far as possible from any electrical appliances.

Safety tips for Electric Patio Heaters Indoor Using:

  • The heater should not be used if its wire is damaged or cracked by any chance. Make sure the plug has good grounding and there are no loose connections present between the cord and plug. If you find anything wrong, ask the dealer to fix it.
  • The electric patio heater should not be left unattended when in no use.
  • It should never be overloaded because this will result in tripping of breaker or fuse. If there is any short circuit present, get your hands off immediately and switch it off immediately.
  • The temperature control should be set at the lowest when you are indoors, because if it is set at highest then it can cause much damage to your furniture or anything else which comes in touch with its hot surface.
  • The patio heater must be kept away from any inflammable thing so that there is no fire accident.
  • The wires and cords should be handled only by the authorized person.
  • The heater’s control knob must be turned off when no use.
  • The patio heater should only be used in a dry and level surface so that it does not get toppled over while heating up.
  • While using the electric patio heater indoors, make sure your children do not come too close to it or touch its hot surface with their hands.
  • The storage area where you will place the heater should be well-ventilated and must not have any inflammable thing like rags or paint cans etc. If this storage area does not have good ventilation then it would be better if you keep the patio heater outside only.
  • Maximum reachability is another important factor to consider while using an electric patio heater. Set the temperature regulator knob to low so that children do not get hurt by touching its hot surface with their hands. The most important thing you should take care of is that it should be kept as far as possible from any electrical appliances.

If you are planning to use an electric patio heater indoors, then the above-mentioned safety precautions are recommended to be followed. Make sure the storage area where you will place the heater is well-ventilated and does not have any inflammable items.

Using Propane Patio Heaters Indoors

If you wish to use a patio heater indoors then check that it has UL or ULC certification before purchasing it, because it will be safe to use. Another very important thing you must consider is that the size of the heater must be reduced so that it does not affect normal ventilation in your room or house. Before using a propane patio heater indoors, check out its features and specifications first.

The most important safety precaution is that it should never be used near curtains or any highly combustible item or surface. If it is being used in a well-ventilated area then the internal pressure of the tank must be reduced to 60 psi, if not then it can cause much damage when its valve blows up.

Using a propane heater indoors may cause carbon monoxide poisoning which can result in death, so that is why it is always advisable that you use an electric or gas patio heater indoors, even though they are more costly than propane models.

Can Outdoor Gas Patio Heaters Be Used Indoors?

Yes, indoor gas patio heaters are available in the market. Many people prefer to use them indoors because they are best for heating in terms of cheaper, safer, and provide more heating power than electric patio heaters. The main drawback is that they come with a propane cylinder that works on gas so you need to refill them regularly. You can take this unit outdoors when you want to use it.

Indoor gas patio heaters come with wheels that allow you to place them anywhere in your house. They normally shut off automatically when they tip over and there is a sensor on the main unit which detects both heat and cold. You can even use remote controls to turn this heater on or off or regulate its settings.


Electric or gas patio heaters are available for indoor use too these days. The main drawback of using propane heaters indoors is that they run on gas so you need proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Electric heaters are the best and have lots of benefits over propane patio heaters They are the best at using indoors or outdoors.

They come with wheels and remote controls which allow you to relocate this unit anywhere in your house, depending upon the amount of heat generated by it. You can even use a timer to switch it off after a particular time interval.

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