Coolest Drinking Glasses for Water And Juice

Really, when it comes to glassware and drinkware, they are numerous to count starting from drinking glasses from everyday use, gin & tonic glasses, and lots.

But in this article particularly we will be talking top 8 coolest drinking glasses for water and juice.

You only need just a simple drinking glasses for your water and juice. After our several our hours of research, we came up with this glasses below as the best.

Top 8 Best Drinking Glasses for Water and Juice

Libbey Blue Ribbon Impressions 16-Piece TumblerLibbey Blue Ribbon Impressions 16-Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set.• 16.75-ounce Highball & • 11.75-ounce rock glasses
• Dishwasher safe
• Heavy base to avoid tipping & shattering
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Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Water Glass 10.25 ozBormioli Rocco Sorgente, Water Glass, Set of 6,• 10.25 ounce
• Easy to grip
• Dishwasher safe
• Heavy base for stability
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Zens Double Wall Drinking GlassesZENS Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs,Octagon Insulated Glass Cups Set of 2.• 14 ounce
• Double insulated wall (Can handle both hot & Cold)
• Dishwasher safe
• 30 days guaranteed
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Red Rock Highball Glasses [Set of 4] + 4 Stainless Steel Straws |Red Rocks, Highball Glasses [Set of 4], Lead-Free Crystal Clear Glass.• 16 ounce
• Luxury & Sturdy Feel
• Lead free crystal glasses
• Thick base for stability
• Free 4 stainless steel straws
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Drinique Elite Tall Unbreakable Tritan Highball Glasses,Drinique, ELT-TA-CLR-4 Elite Tall Unbreakable Tritan Highball Glasses, (Set of 4).• 14 ounce
• Break & Shatter resistance
• Heavy wall
• BPA free
• Stackable
• Microwave, Freezer & Dishwasher safe
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Duralex Made In France Picardie Tumbler Set of 6, 17.62 ozDuralex Made In France Picardie Tumbler Set of 6.• 17.62 ounce
• Thermal shock resistance
• Chip & Break resistance
• Stackable & Non-porous
• Stain & Odor resistance
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Optix Break-resistant 20-ounce Plastic TumblersUs Acrylic, Optix 20-ounce Plastic Tumblers, set of 8 in 4 Assorted Colors.• 20 ounce
• Break & Shatter resistance
• BPA Free
• Top dishwasher safe
• Great for outdoor activities
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Arc International Luminarc Working Glass Storage BLuminarc Arc International Working Glass Storage Jar/Cooler with White Lid (Set of 4).• 21 ounce
• Dishwasher safe except the lid
• Great for freezing smoothies & juices.
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Arc International Luminarc Coolest Drinking Glasses

coolest drinking glasses

I like this set of 4 glasses because it is sturdy and strong. Made in USA. It is designed with a lid that means apart from drinking water and beverage with it, you can equally use it store or freeze some fresh smoothie or yogurt in fridge since the glass is freezer safe.

I believe that the manufacturers actually had that in mind before producing this drinkware. It can hold up to 21-ounce fluid.

Things I like about this glass:

  • It is dishwasher safe but the lid should be hand washed to avoid warping.
  • It is very versatile and durable
  • Very good for freezing smoothies and fresh fruit juice
  • Easy to clean

Things I don’t like:

  • Not sure if the lid BPA free
  • May not hold up to 21-ounce liquid.

Zens Highball Double Wall Coolest Drinking Glasses

Coolest drinking glasses

Are you looking for a good versatile drinking glass for your water and juice that can handle both hot and ice drinks? Definitely, this Zens highball double wall clear – water and beverage glass will do exactly that for you. It holds up to 14-ounce fluid and comes in a set of 2.

It is made from borosilicate glass, a type of glass that is thinner, lighter and stronger that other normal glasses. It is very safe and delightful drinking from it. It is good for everyday use and formal occasions. Ideal for water, juice, tea, coffee, cocktail etc.

Things I like about the glass:

  • It can handle both hot and ice drink because of its insulated double wall.
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It is backed with product replacement within 30days of purchase in case you any challenge using it after purchase from the manufacturers.

Libbey Blue Impression Coolest Drinking Glasses

coolest drinking glasses

This 16-piece drinking water glasses is all you need for your everyday use and formal occasions. He set featured 8 numbers of 16.75-ounce cooler glasses and 8 numbers of 11.75-ounce rock glasses.

They are elegant and contemporary looking glasses, they have four dimpled shapes that makes easy to grip and the blue streak infuse on it gives it a unique and classic design with heavy base to provide stability when place on the table and to prevent them from shattering.

Things I like about this water glass:

  • They are lead free and securely package in a shipping box
  • They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe

Things I don’t like:

  • Some users reported that the glass chips after sometime but that is in rare occasion
  • It is not hot water safe.

Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Coolest Drinking Glasses

quality drinking glasses

People who doe not like large drinking glasses will definitely like this water glass. It holds up to 10.25-ounce and comes in a set of 6. It has a heavy base that provides it with stability and comfortability to avoid tipping and shattering. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It is also durable.

Things I like about this water glass:

  • It has classic and modern look
  • Good for everyday use and formal occasions
  • Easy to grip

Thing I don’t like:

  • Diary product or milky makes it to look cloudy after placing under dishwasher, just hand wash with warm soapy water
  • It is not hot water safe.

Red Rocks, Highball Coolest Drinking Glasses + 4 Stainless Steel Straw

Coolest drinking glasses

Red rocks crystal clear highball glass adds a contemporary feel to your dinning table and will definitely complete the décor of your table set up. It has a square base and rounded top. It comes in a set of 4 and each holds up to 16-ounce.

It has a stylish design for luxury, sturdy and durable for everyday us, casual dinning parties and formal occasions. It is perfect addition for modern homes.

Things I like about this water glass:

  • It has thick and heavy base to prevent breaking
  • It is made of lead free crystal glasses
  • The round top and square bottom gives it a sophisticated look
  • Elegant for every occasion
  • It is easy to grip
  • It comes with free 4 stainless steel straws

Things I don’t like:

  • It may not be safe placing under dishwasher

Drinique Elite Tall Unbreakable Coolest Drinking Glasses

coolest drinking glasses

If you are tired of packing broken and shattered water glasses. Check out this Drinique elite unbreakable drinkware, it might be the best for you.  It comes in a set of 4 and each holds up to 14-ounce fluid.

It is made of tritan plastic material and that makes it look like glass. It is good for casual home uses and formal occasion.

Things I like about this water glass:

  • It is break and shatter resistant
  • It has thick wall and heavy dimples for easy grip
  • It is free from BPA
  • It is stackable
  • It has glass look, you will never know it is plastic
  • It is safe to be used on microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Things I don’t like:

  • It does not stack well
  • The divots at the bottom may be difficult to clean

Duralex Picardie Coolest Drinking Glasses

Water drinking glasses for everyday use

 To anyone looking for best design and tampered glass for drinking water, juice, tea or any other beverage, this Duralex glass set of 6 drinking glass is all you need. Good for guest entertainment.

It is made in France, very strong and durable glassware. It can holds up to 17.62-ounce. It is very sturdy glasses can withstand thermal shock 4°F – 212°F, that means it safe on microwaves, freezer and dishwasher.

Things I like about this glass;

  • It can last for a decade because the glass is tampered
  • Break, chip and thermal shock resistant
  • It non-porous and does not absorb liquids
  • It is stackable thereby saving space
  • It is odor and stain resistant

Things I don’t like:

  • Some of our users actually complain that the water glass breaks over a period of time in the dishwasher, so I recommend you to always to hand wash.

US Acrylic Optix beak-Resistant Water and Juice Glasses

acrylic drinking glasses

This set of drinking tumbler is best for family that has children, elderly people and people with clumsy hand. It is scratch and break resistant making it perfect for everyday use and formal occasions also.

Great for outdoor activities like picnic, patio, poolside and BBQ parties. They are made from plastic but the plastic is BPA free. It comes 8 and each holds up to 20-ounce fluid.

Things I like about this water tumbler:

  • It is resistant to cracking, breaking and scratching.
  • It comes in four unique colors – shamrock green, Island blue, tangerine orange and calpsoteal.
  • It is dishwasher safe but top rack. Hand washing recommended

Things I don’t like:

  • It is clear, you cannot see through it because it is heavily tinted
  • The bottoms are not flat may pool water after washing just tilt it drip off or towel dry.

Buyer’s Guide For Coolest Drinking Glasses

To help you find the perfect drinking glasses for water and juice in your home, we have put together things to consider before ordering your new set of drinking glassware collection for family everyday use or formal occasion.

Space: Do you actual have a space to store the drinking glasses you want to buy? You have to consider this because most of the water glasses are not stackable.

Number of People: How many peoples will you be serving with those drinking water glasses?  Do you always have guests in your home? This will help you know the exact set of glassware you need to buy and if you have children, also know that you will add 1 or 2 extra water glasses to the number you are buying incase of any is shattered by you children.

Peopled Involved: This particular one will you determine the type of drinking glass you buy. If you have children and elderly people in your home, you will likely go for shatter and break resistant water glasses because of they are stronger and durable than any other drinking glasses.

Place of Use: The drinking glass you are buying, is it indoor use or outdoor activities? If it is for outdoor use, you can go shatterproof glasses?

Existing Dinnerware: Check the colors of your already existing dinner dishes to ensure that the silverware you are buying matches them.

Use and Care: To best of knowledge so far, drinking glasses are more durable when you hand wash them. So you need to ask yourself if you have all the strength to be hand washing them. If not, you can go non-glass materials water tumblers.

Price: How much will you like to invest in buying of this drinking glasses?  Some glassware are budget friendly while others are not. The price actually depends on quality and durability of the materials use in manufacturing products.

Materials: Finally, this is where all the considerations narrow down to. Glassware and Drinkware sets are made of different types of materials like glass, crystal glass, tritan plastic, stainless, tampered glass and borosilicate glass.

Glass Materials: they are durable in nature and can resist breaking and chipping but not to good extent and is not advisable to use them where children are except those drinking glass with thick wall and heavy base. They cannot be used for hot drinks.

Tampered Glass materials: All drinking glasses made with this material are super durable. They withstand thermal shock and are chip and break resistant. They can be used to drink both cold and hot liquids. They are safe for microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Tritan Pastic Material: The drinkin water glasses made with this material are actually plastic but they look exactly like glass which makes difficult to know that it is not a glass. They are safe both for children and adult. They are very strong and durable, rugged for everyday use because they are crack, scratch, break and chip resistant even when they are dropped on a hard surface.

Stainless Steel material: For me, the drinking water glasses made of stainless steel are best because they don’t shatter like glasses rather they superb for home with children and those with clumsy hand. They are good for outdoor activities and are environmental friendly unlike it’s plastic counterparts. No shattering, cracking, chipping, warping and the rest of the story.

Borosilicate glass Material: Their glasses are also more durable than that of normal glass but they thin and lightweight.

Crystal glass Material: Actually, drinking glasses made of crystal materials sparkles a lot. They simply sparkling glasses, they have visual charming look.

How To Care for Glassware and Drinkware

  1. Read manufacturers instructions before using any of the purchase drinking glasses
  2. Hand washing is always recommended even though some said dishwasher safe
  3. Towel dry and store them and store. Always store them upside down to avoid them trapping dust.

Thank you for visiting our site and reading our buying guide on coolest drinking glasses for water and juice. Hope you find the article helpful? Kindly let us know by leaving a comment below. Your feedback is very importance to us.

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