Electric Vs Propane Patio Heater: Which Is More Efficient?

Patio is a place where family gathers every evening for family fun time. So if you’re the kind of family that like making use of your patio all through the your, you may find it difficult using it during colder evenings or winter season if you don’t have appropriate heating system to keep you and your family warm. Hence, this review electric vs propane patio heater.

So for you to continue using your patio in winter or evening falls you have to invest into good and quality outdoor patio heaters to keep you warm all through the year. You have to keep partying with these best outdoor patio heaters, no need staying away from your patio or deck when you have best alternative.

To help you reduce the level of your confusion due to many types and brands of patio heaters on the market.

We have put together this short article to guide you through by comparing the two most popular patio heaters common in North America, which are Electric Patio Heater and Propane Patio Heater, though there is a third one on called Natural Gas Patio Heater but that will be discussed another day.

Having said these, now let’s get started!

Electric Vs Propane Patio Heater

Electric Patio Heater

Electric heaters are powerful lamps that are powered by electricity to produce heat or warmth. They’re place in a stainless steel casing and glass protection. Electric heaters are very efficient to run and convenient to move around because they’re lightweight. These are safest way to heat up outdoor patios or deck in winters.

Furthermore, electric patio heaters produce infrared heat by energizing an emitter. Meaning that once the emitter is heated, it beams off infrared rays that warm people or objects around instead of surrounding air.

Therefore you will enjoy breathing in cleaner air around your home as electric heaters do not emit carbon monoxide, burn oxygen, fossil fuels, do not have flame. Meaning no nasty chemicals, no bad odor to disturb your nose.


  • Electric patio heaters are energy efficient as almost all them run on normal household standard 110/120 volts electrical outlet.
  • They’re environmental or Eco friendly because they do not cause environmental pollution by burning oxygen, fossil fuels, or emitting any dangerous chemical or gas.
  • They can be strategically mounted on the ceiling or walls, thereby providing maximum use of valuable patio floor space.
  • Electric patio heaters blend into an existing decor as they come in multiple finishes, and flush mounting options includes frames.
  • They are available in different sizes, shapes to meet the needs of any outdoor space.
  • They also come with convenient accessories like mounting brackets. And their installation is very easy. All you need to do is to plug it, set the temperature, and the heater will do the rest.
  • They’re heat efficiency. Because electric patio heaters are infrared, they heat people and not their surroundings. Meaning it comfortably warms people and objects within it mounted radius. They’re just efficient.
  • Electric patio heaters are versatile. They can be used indoor and outdoor s.
  • No heavy propane tank to replace, refill or transport.
  • They are safe for family with children and pets.
  • They give instant heat. No need to turn on before hand like propane heater
  • Electric patio heaters require no maintenance and assembly.


  • Electrical patio heaters do not have the capacity to heat up large outdoor spaces just with a unit. Meaning you would buy 2, 3 or 4 units of electric patio heater if you have a large space to keep warm.
  • You cannot use electric patio heater when there is power outage.

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Propane Patio Heater

Electric Vs Propane Patio Heater

On the other hand, a propane heater uses liquefied Petroleum gasoline to generate its own heat. It provides heat or warmth as soon as the burner is connected to the 20 l tank through a hose and the fuel released, the flame is ignited by means of lighter or automated ignition.

And because propane heater is heavier and longer than electric heater, generating heat from such a height gives the ability to generate heat up to 60,00BTUs or more. meaning, it can heat up a very large space be it commercial or residential.

Propane heater burners are put on a tall steel frame, then covered with a metal sheet that has holes and small steel cover like umbrella to help stop the heat from rising too much and escaping. they come in different designs and colors to match an existing decor.


  • Propane patio heaters generate huge amount out of heat and can cover a very large space up to 60,000BTUs or more, Very good for commercial usage.
  • They are not depending on electricity, therefore could be use anytime.
  • They’re constructed with safety features to prevent them from exploding and catching fire such as auto shut off feature in case they mistakenly falls.
  • It could be used for commercial and residential spaces.


  • The 20lb propane last only for 10 hours. Meaning you have to be replacing, refill, and transporting the cylinder constant. this make using propane heater hectic and expensive to run.
  • Not safe for family with children and pets.
  • Heavy tank to change lift all the time.
  • Too heavy to move around.
  • Propane heaters can take up your valuable patio floor space.
  • Take longer time to heat up. therefore you need to ignite it in advance.

Electric Vs Propane Patio Heater: Which Is More Energy Efficient?

Having gone through all the pros and cons of each of type of patio heater, you will agree with that Electric Patio Heaters are more energy and heat efficient.

In fact electric patio heater have more advantages over propane because you and your entire family are safe. Nothing to worry about.

Electric patio heater are also cost effective because it needs no maintenance, assembling, or refilling.

However, if you space is very large, then using propane patio heater will be your best decision.

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