Top 4 Fishing Pole Holder For Car Reviews 2021

Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish and other aquatic lives in the animals.

Many do it as their occupation (commercial fishing) while other persons do it as their hobby or for pleasure (recreational fishing or sport fishing).

Whichever, before you leave your home to your preferred spot of fishing, you need to gather together your fishing accessories first such as your fishing pole, fishing pole holder for car, lines, hooks, lures or baits etc. to aid you move them safely and secure to your fishing spot.

Though there are varieties of vehicle fishing rod holder on the market, but for the purpose of this article we will look into the top rated fishing pole holder for car.

These fishing rods will do the actual work for you without stressing you, denting or scratching your vehicle. They’re also durable and will last longer for you.

Before opening your wallet to remove money to buy fishing rod holder for car, there are certain elements you need to cautiously consider to enable you purchase a rooftop fishing rod holder fit for your car as listed below.

At the end of the fishing pole holder for car reviews, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

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Top 4 Rated Fishing Pole Holder For Car

#1. Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount Fishing Pole Holder For Car

fishing pole holder for car

The Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount fishing rod holder is one of the best holders on the market. It has a stealthier black look with stronger arm locking and offers you the ideal solution to carrying all your gear around on your next fishing trip. 

The assembly and fabrication Rhino-Rack 574 roof Mount is furnished with a universal mounting mechanism that enables it to fit easily onto the roof rack of just about any car.

It is a multi purpose car rooftop fishing rod holder. Aside using it as a fishing rod holder, you could use it to transport other of your sport gears like skis and snowboards

In addition, Rhino-Rack car rooftop fishing rack is made of durable materials. Featuring lockable keys for extra security, no worry about theft, waterproof, mold-resistant, rust resistant, and UV protected.

These features help it to last even when exposed to harsh rays of the sun for years at a time. This particular product is 20-inches but also comes in 10-inches, 13-inches and 27-inches.


  • Easy release and lock mechanisms for gloved hands
  • Universal fitting clamps to most non-Rhino-Rack crossbars
  • 4 Key locking for security to keep gears safe
  • Rubber grip profile to protect your fishing rods, skis and snowboards.
  • 20 inches internal and 25 inches length to fits up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 Snowboards
  • Holds up 5 fishing rod with the reels
  • 1 Set of 2 ski arms with mounting hardware
  • 5 Years warranty


  • Makes some whistling noises as you are driving down the road
  • You will need installation bar on the vehicle roof for correct attachment.

#2. Smith Creek Fishing Rod Rack For Heavy Duty Vehicle Interior Rod Racking

vehicle fishing rod holder

The Smith Creek fishing Rod Rack is a heavy-duty prevalent car interior fishing-rod rack for SUV’s, station wagons and trucks.

The modern and patented racking device holds seven rod and reel combinations overhead out of the way. Smooth to use locking shock cord holders secure and aid rods without rattles or damage even on the roughest roads.

The rod retention device uses a patented locking shock cord and eyelet setup. The above or below 2-way support system conveniently and effectively secures rods and reels without destructive handles, tips, ferrules or lines.

It is both for freshwater or saltwater outfits.

Multiple vehicle attachment options allow the carriers to be located where the rods can be easily reached inside the vehicle. Where they’re safe and protected from wind, weather, bugs, dust and road grime.

For rods that are longer than vehicles interior, simply detach and fold over the tip section, tension both the forward and rear shock cords to secure.

For use with SUVs, Cross-overs, Station Wagons and Trucks that have over door grab handles, rear side windows or accessory hooks, and a rear door, hatchback or tailgate. Adjusts from 36″/92cm to 76″/193cm.

The Smith Creek fishing Rod Rack, is built to last a lifetime. It was fabricated out of the finest materials, anodized marine grade aluminum, no corrosive fasteners, UV-resistant materials, Heavy-duty nylon straps and shock cords, custom made heavy-duty metal eyelets, high-quality plastic buckles, and heavy-duty locking suction cups.

Product In the Box Includes:

  • Two Rod Carrier Straps
  • Two Heavy-duty Locking Suction Cups
  • Two Round Carabiners
  • One Draw String Storage Bag
  • Four Strap Retainers


  • Small, compact and light weight for traveling
  • Perfect for group fly rods
  • All the included hardware sets you up regardless the kind of car you might have.
  • Easy to install and holds up to seven rods and reels combinations.
  • Adaptable, Adjustable and Quick To Fit to SUV’s, Station Wagons, Vans and Hatchbacks


  • Designed specifically for fishing rods.

How To Install It

I can’t say enough about this Vehicle interior fishing rod racks, You need to test it yourself and don’t forget to come to tell how you did enjoy the product.

#3. Rhino Rack RMPH1 Multi Purpose Holder

fishing rod holder for car roof

Another Rhino-Rack product that makes our final cut is the Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder. 

This is the perfect product for an avid angler on a strict budget. It carry’s fishing rods as well as other outdoor equipment like skis, snowboards, ski pole, fishing rods, kayak paddles, spades & shovels, Sail board mast and much more.

 The MPHU Strap (rod holder) is made from strong and flexible thermoplastic vulcanized rubber (Santoprene), which keeps your cargo safe from scratches. And frame is made from strong glass reinforced nylon.

This rod holder can adjust to any bar type, including square and round bars. You’ll receive two multipurpose holders, each of which is just over two inches wide. The internal width of the Rhino-Rack Multi Purpose Holder is 55mm


  • Universal mount bracket and hardware included
  • Fits Whispbar and Hubco bars
  • Allows you to carry long thin cargo easily
  • Left or Right side fastening with ease
  • Small and compact yet sturdy
  • Several options available depending on the type of roof rack you have


  • If you have more than 3 fishing poles, it may not carry them except you alternating them or check out for models.
  • Tape measure is required for installation

#4. Tight Line Enterprise Magnetic Fishing Rod Rack For Car Roof

fly rod holder for car

The incomparable beauty of the Tight Line fishing pole holder for car is that it has two carrier assemblies capable of transporting up to four rods.

It’s far made out of magnetic substances and it’s mounts on the car, pick up or SUV by means of those powerful magnets and suction cups that can be easily attached and removed.

So it is unnecessary to purchase a new rod carrier every time you change vehicles.

This fishing rod holder was strictly designed to accommodate fly rods without fighting butt to avoid crushing your expensive fly line in a pinch point against the rod holder.

Though it was designed for fly rods but users have found this vehicle rooftop fishing rack to be sturdy enough to carry surf sticks and most of other fishing rod that won’t fit conveniently into your vehicle

It is an attractive product that features open ended design that allows for convenient mounting and removal of the rods. A very strong and stable roof rack even when running your car at better speeds – your fishing rods will move nowhere.

Furthermore, the car rooftop fishing rod holder is made in the USA and built out of rugged molded nylon with long lasting ¼ inch bungee twine tie-downs.

You may without problems connect as much as 4 rods with reels or even larger surf rods.

For you to enjoy the endless beauty of this Tight Line fishing rod holder for car, your vehicle must have a ferrous metal hood or roof because the magnet does not work on aluminum or fiberglass hood.

But wait don’t go yet, Tight Line company has made a provision for Anglers who have aluminum and fiberglass hoods on their vehicles by providing magnet for metal hoods and vacuum cup for non metal hood


  • It is easy to attach and remove with suction cups and magnets
  • Designed for longer fly rods
  • Made out of non-corrosive stainless steel and rugged injection-molded nylon
  • Perfect for jumping from fishing spot to another fishing spot. No more breaking down rods!


  • It is strictly for holding fishing poles. Not multi-purpose.
  • Does not work above 50mph though some users had use it up to 80mph without evidence of coming off.

Fishing Rod Holder For Vehicle Roof Top – Buyer’s Guide

Before setting out to get a fishing rod holder for your car, consider below features first. Don’t be in a haste to purchase less you regret at last.

Setting Up

I know you wouldn’t want to drill or dent your vehicle in a bid to match a rooftop fishing rod holder. That is why most anglers would opt for a roof rack fishing holder that can fit within the car upholstery. 

However in case you don’t use your vehicle for other functions more often than angling, then you don’t want to have the fishing rod holder in vehicle automobile. You can go for fishing rod holder that is easy to install and dismantle without extra tweaking or the help of professionals.

Preference should be giving to the products that are easily to set up without having to make critical adjustment or drilling to the body of the vehicle.


You may also consider if you’re in need of rooftop fishing rod holders that transports only fishing rods or you will need a multi-purpose rooftop racks for your vehicle for other outdoor activities snowboarding and the others.

Have in mind that multi-purpose rooftop fishing rod holders cost more than the ones made specifically for fishing rod but can be use to carry other things thereby lessen cost for you when purchased them separately.


If it’s not long lasting, then it doesn’t really worth the stress and the cost. You need to also put in consideration the kind of material the fishing rod holder is made off.

You should prefer/consider fishing rod roof racks with material that can stand any type of harsh weather be it rain or sun and that can never corrode.

Any fishing rod roof holder for car made with non-corrosive materials will last longer for you no matter what.  

Roof racks that are made of magnet will easily fit with the metallic body frame of the car, they also prevent the risk of rust from rain or other possible weather hazards.

While some fishing rod holders that are made of metallic materials, if not properly coated, you may run into the risk of having a rusted rod holder as well as a rusted car roof in the nearest future. The material from which they’re made of is directly responsible for their durability.

Thus, choosing magnetic fishing rod holder over metallic fishing rod holder may add a great value to the life span of your fishing rod and vehicle, though magnetic fishing rod may have its own short coming but at least to corrosion.


Commonly, most producers of vehicle fishing roof racks will inform you to maintain to the velocity of 50mph if you have any of such fishing rod holders set up in your vehicle roof. But if you have to journey a protracted distance for each fishing trip, then there are dispositions that you would pass 50mph velocity.

So in this scenario, if your fishing rod holder isn’t always solid enough, then you definitely run the risk of your fishing rod falling off while touring on your angling spot.


You wouldn’t want to buy cheap fishing rod holder that will damage within a short time and cost you more money by you buying them over and over again.

I also know that you would not want to spend your entire savings because you want to buy a longer lasting fishing rod holder for your vehicle.

Instead, carefully look for products backed by good reviews and reasonable warranties to determine whether you are getting a good buy for your budget.

All our favorite fishing rod holder for vehicle rooftop listed in this article made it here, just go through carefully one after another to see which one would suit your purpose as an angler.


Those are our favorite fishing rod holder for car roof at the time of writing this article. It’s difficult to pick a winner of all the products listed because our need differs, so is our budget.

Our final advice for you are:

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose rooftop fishing rod holder, we recommend you look at Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Fishing Rod Holder For Car Rooftop and Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount Fishing Rod Holder For Vehicle Rooftop.

If you’re in need of interior fishing rod holder, we recommend you choose either Smith Creek Fishing Rod Rack For Heavy Duty Vehicle Interior Rod Racking System orRod Saver Vehicle Fishing Rod Carrier System.

For those who want durable and easy to install fishing rod holder for their vehicle, we recommend Tight Line Enterprise Magnetic Fishing Rod Rack For Vehicle Rooftop for you

While these are our favorite fishing rod holders for car roof racks, there are plenty of other high-quality options out there. Select the product that works best for you, your budget, and your preferences.

Let us know what are your thoughts at the comment section or you contact us here.

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