Winix Zero N Air Purifier Review: Complete Guide 2021

Winix Zero N Air Purifier Review

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Winix Zero N air purifier is quite large but has the front filters in light grey or beige are nice and neutral. If left in Auto, the machine is very sensitive to any changes in the room, cooking, cleaning chemicals, cigarette, and immediately the colour indicator will change and the power will increase.

It is quite effective at removing smells. The unit offers excellent protection against allergens and particulate matters in the bedroom, thanks to its 3-stage air purification filtration system.

Ideal for bedrooms, baby rooms, and small rooms up to 45m2. So find out what our conclusion is to see if the Winix Zero N is right for you.


  • It is perfect for bedrooms and baby rooms with a max capacity of 45m2.
  • It is silent and simple to use.
  • It fits into most peoples budget. not too cost.
  • It activates in dim light and reduces noise.
  • It is easy to set up and clean


  • It does not have Winix plasmaWave technology filter. Meaning that it will not have effect in reducing gases, bacterial and viruses.
  • It automatically switches to night mode in auto mode, which is on a constant low level when it get dark but you can override this manually.

As at the time of writing this review, there are over 87 customer reviews on Amazon, with the majority being happy and positive about this excellent product – click here to read them.

Winix Zero N Review

Winix Zero N Air Purifier Review

Winix Zero N Air purifier Review

This excellent and easy to use air purifier is great for bedrooms and nurseries. It can be placed anywhere in the rooms as it is not much large.

The well built and efficient air purifier is perfect to get rid off air airborne pollutants and particulate matter such as dust, allergens, animal dander, etc. letting you breathe and sleep well at night especially and daytime.

Winix Zero N comes with 2 washable pre-filters to mix and match with your interior design. It can be easily wash with a vacuum cleaner or in the washing machine.

If you suffer from asthma, allergies, hay fever, or have pets, it is an amazing product for you and your kids. Winix zero pro air purifier is a 5-stage air purifier system approved and certified by ECARF.

This Winix Zero N air purifier review helps you to discover everything about this fantastic baby room and bedroom air purifier so as to make best decision for yourself and home.

Who Is Winix Zero N Air Purifier Meant For?

Everyone benefits from using Winix zero N but most beneficiaries are children and people with different health issues due to airborne pollutants, and people with respiratory related issues such as asthma.

This air purifier is a cost-effective way to improving indoor air quality for your kids. Let’s dig more deeper . . .


The Winix Zero N air purifier comes with a wide variety of features that makes it easy to use and maintained.

3-Stage Filtration

Getting indoor air quality clean, pure, and fresh all year round requires a lot of filtration stages as the particulate matters that contaminates the air you breathe is of different sizes.

That’s why, Winix a Korean company had come up with this 3-stage air purifier filtration system called Winix Zero N to help give your air extra cleaning for a hassle free breathing/sleep at night. The 3-stage filtration includes:

Washable Pre-filter: It collects large dust particles, to help the other filters last longer.

Carbon Filters: It filters organic particles that contaminates the indoor air quality from cooking, pets, and cigarette smoke etc. It also reduces household odour.

True HEPA Filter: It removes up 99.9% of all dust particles in the air like fine dust, allergens, fungi, and pollen.

Particle Sensor

This feature uses a long bar in the front of the air purifier to indicates the air quality using coloured lighting: blue light means the air quality is good, Amber means is dirty, and red mean is bad.

Sleep Mode

The sleep mode feature is very important especially for light sleepers and babies in other not to wake them up from sleep. It simply dims the lights and runs the filtration in silent mode to enable you sleep well and sound.

Auto Mode

This feature automatically adjusts the fan speed when the dust sensor detects more or fewer harmful dust particles. So with this feature you’re sure of having constant air quality in good condition.

How Winix Zero N Air Purifier Works?

Winix Zero N Technical Specifications

Max. air flow330m3/h
Power consumption3 – 40 watt
Noise Level26 – 47dB
Product weight6.2kg
Dimension350 x 207 x 470mm
Filter replacement indicatorYes
Dust sensorYes
Air quality light displayBlue/Amber/Red
Fan speed3

Winix Zero N Replacement Filter

Winix zero pro uses ‘Filter R‘.

  • 4 carbon filters
  • 1 True HEPA filter


If you have large offices/spaces up to 120m2 and living rooms up to 99m2, you can consider these alternatives: Winix zero Pro for large spaces up to 120m2 and Winix zero for medium/larges rooms up to 99m2.

We have also reviewed some great air purifier for asthma and allergies.


I recommend Winix zero N air purifier for all families with kids and adults suffering from seasonal and all year round allergies. It will make a whole lots of difference to your health and breathing.

Give Winix zero N a try now! You won’t be disappointed.

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